Module 2: Healthy Social, Emotional & Behavioral Development

Course Summary

1. Title: Module 2: Healthy Social, Emotional
& Behavioral Development

2. Keywords/Themes: Healthy child development,
emotion, social, behavior, stress effects, social behaviors, behavior
communicates, social behavior matrix, motor development, language development,
adaptive development, cognitive development, sensory development, effective
surveillance and screening,

Course Description:

There are two
sections in this course:

Section 1: Healthy Child Development

Section 2: Understanding Social Behaviors

4. Intended Audience: Iowa
Child Health Care Providers (CHCP), Pediatricians, Family Physicians, Physician
Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners

5. Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, participants
will be able to:

  • Clearly
     at least three reasons
    early identification of signs / symptoms of social,  emotional and
    behavioral concerns are vital for a child's optimal future development,
  • Indicate at least two mother-child or family events in which the
    child's social-emotional development could be enhanced, and,   
  • State current knowledge of "toxic" stress and
    how it might permanently and negatively alter future social-emotional and
    behavioral growth in a child.

6. Pre-requisites/Learning Level: No pre-requisites

7. Competencies addressed: Communication Skills, Public Health Sciences Skills, Cultural Competency Skills

8. CEUs Offered: None

9. Cost: Free

10. Modality/format: Online Self-Pace

11. Length: 1 hour

12. Presenter(s) and/or Content
Experts: Scott Lindgren, PhD and Alfred Healy, MD

13. Technical requirements:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Flash Player 
  • Speakers

14. Registration requirements: Register a free account

15. Creation and/or update: August 18, 2013